SMI Plaatwerk has a skilled team of qualified engineers with a lot of knowledge and practical experience. With our team based approach, the best result of the product is guaranteed thanks to the wide range of perspectives our engineers create. As a result, we are able to develop your idea or drawing into a complete product with the highest precision and quality. The process begins at the design table, where we analyze the idea together with the client.

SMI is a versatile company, the activities that are carried out focus on the manufacturing of metal structures and project management. At SMI we work for a wide range of clients, ranging from local to international, and from stainless steel to high strength steel projects. And whether we are working on small or large projects, we always think with our clients to create the best solution and when desired also take care of the project management. The engineers are actively thinking about the design, material selection and production process. With a custom-made drawing, our designers try to translate the wishes of the customer as best as possible into a suitable product.

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