Our Projects

At SMI Plaatwerk we create products which make a difference. SMI Plaatwerk is direct and indirect active in many different markets. Some of the markets in which SMI Plaatwerk is active are: defence, medical, mechatronics and security. Often, our solutions and application developed for a particular market sector or product can be reused in other market sectors.

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Delta Combiscope

SMI Plaatwerk builds the complete casing for Delta Instruments of the so-called combiscope. An ingenious device which analysis samples from milk, quickly and reliably. SMI not only produces all sheet metal parts, including the surface treatments, but assembles all parts (including purchase parts) into a completely assembled end product, this way the customer can build and test immediately upon arrival.

Delta Instruments

Drachten - NL
YEAR 2018

Laser cutting Parts

SMI Plaatwerk also supplies single, series-cut  products. These parts, for example, are laser-cut, including the small holes with a total diameter of 0.6 times the plate thickness. After galvanizing, bearings are pressed in, all internal carried out by SMI. Deliveries are then carried out in specific Kanban trays, for direct delivery to the production without the need for further repacking.


Defense Vehicle

The Dutch defense takes a new type of off-road vehicle into use. SMI Plaatwerk, commissioned by Defenture, has built the frames. It concerns the chassis and the superstructure. These are for the new ATTV (Air Transportable Tactical Vehicle). This is the new lightweight vehicle of the commands. Defense has given the vehicle the name: Vector.


Tiel - NL